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-Shannon Adamson

"If you are sourcing the majority of your furniture & lighting from retail vendors who also sell to your clients, you are missing out on a significant opportunity to offer your clients better prices for higher quality, more unique pieces while making more unique income for your business".

… receiving updates on my DTS order without requesting them is so fantastic!! I can't tell you how much time I spend chasing down updates on orders. I love that added service, especially for long lead time custom orders."

"Thank you! Very impressed with turn around! I look forward to doing with business with you on future endeavors!"
- April Crosby
"Thank you for your professionalism and break neck speed follow-up. It is always a pleasure working with DTS. Again, Thank you!
-Christopher Charles
"You are awesome! Thanks so much for helping me make this happen!I really appreciate great efficient customer service"!
-Carolyn Simmons
"I am overwhelmed! This has totally caught me buy surprise! You are one in a million. This blows me away! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
-Lisa Ellis

Ryan Saghian Ryan Saghian shoutout

"Anette, Liz and the entire team at DTS are so accommodating and professionally and efficiently addressed all our requests and issues. In the world of furniture, there are many hurdles to clear before getting a piece to its final destination, and your team makes the often challenging process more enjoyable"

? Kopfer Taylor

Kopfer Taylor

"Thanks again for the quick service today. You guys are great to work with."-Amy Muetterties

"Thank you Crystal! Always appreciate your help so much! I've told Jill several times, DTS customer service is so awesome, Crystal and Liz are the best!

Lindsey Forshee
I want to again say thank you for all of your help on this and other purchases. It gives me peace of mind knowing that you and your whole team have my back when things go astray!

Dana Dollar

"The process with DTS was easy, seamless, and an absolute pleasure. Every time I had either a question, concern or just an update inquiry, Anette answered my phones and emails within minutes. I couldn't ask for a better customer service".

? Sonja Capasso


"You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! I am thrilled to have found Design Trade Service! From ordering, delivery, and customer service, you all have been professional, efficient, and exceptional! I love having the support that DTS provides to allow my business to easily cater to my client's needs. I, too, look forward to a continued working relationship.Thanks, again for all of your help with this project. Have an awesome day!
- Debbie Simirl
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