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Are there minimums I need top place an order?

No, none. The collective strength of our group purchasing allows us to pass on significant discounts to you without any requirement for minimum purchases. Just place your order online or with our service staff and you're good to go.

Can I get finish or material samples?

Yes! Provided they are available from the manufacturer of the item(s) you have selected, we'll get them to you ASAP and at NO CHARGE.

How do I get a quote prior to order?

It's easy! From our product pages, simply select "Add to Quote". We'll get back to you ASAP!

Where do I find my shipping/freight cost?

Once you have made your selections, place them into a shopping cart. Begin the checkout process and your freight charge will be calculated for the items you have selected. You can make adjustments to your selections at any time prior to entering your payment information and confirming the order. DTS standard shipping costs require your order to ship to commercial receiver that can accommodate a highway transport truck.

Are there any additional fees?

No, you only pay the Designer NET price and shipping/delivery costs. DTS never adds additional fees to your order.

How do I arrange delivery direct to my client?

Design Trade Service can arrange delivery directly to your client's home. Because every order is different, let our service staff know what level of delivery service you require and we'll quote you accordingly. Furthermore, we'll look after tracking your shipment and keep you updated on its progress.

What if my client isn't ready for delivery?

If your order has shipped to a receiver of your choosing, please contact them regarding scheduling. If you have opted for residential delivery through us, deliveries must be accepted at a time designated by the delivery company. If delays occur, typically storage fees will occur after 15-30 days. The delivery company will do their best to accommodate your needs.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

Contact us immediately! We look after all damage claims, however we need to know about the issue as soon as possible. Items shipped to your receiver of choice must be inspected when received in order for us to make a claim with the shipper and/or manufacturer. If you have opted for residential delivery through us, typically the delivery agent will have already notified us of an issue. We're here to arrange repair or replacement of the item as required.

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